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Books & Publications By G. Emerson Scott

Bishop G Emerson has the pen of a ready writer. His writings are inspired by the Holy Spirit to the transforming of the minds of every reader. He is gifted to take the very breath of God and lay it to pages to build the faith of men on every continent.

Impending Danger (Book Cover).jpg

Impending Danger

G. Emerson Scott

The assignment of the War Council is to counsel the Commander and Chief, establish Council, establish communication, create strategies and execute plans. We must make a major commitment to this Kingdom Assignment God has placed in our hands. An impending judgment is coming, and we are not aware of the strategies.

True Stewardship (Book Cover).jpg

True Stewardship

G. Emerson Scott

Everybody is a steward. But the real issue is whether or not we are obedient stewards or disobedient stewards. Stewardship is a way of life and contitutes "remembering." This book will cause the reader's eyes to become opened to the truth of true stewardship.

The Tithe and It's Anointing- Book By GE

The Tithe And Its Anointing

G. Emerson Scott

This book is authored for the purpose of transforming the minds and lives of God's people, that we might have the pattern of God for His revealed glory. Like Abraham to Israel, I want to be to this generation of believers one who follows the pattern of Tithe and Offering and allow all to see the Favor I've lived under. I started at the age of 12 and haven't stopped. And my life is proof.