Bishop G. Emerson Scott has over the years utilized his God-given gifts and extensive experience as an Apostle, Teacher, Entrepreneur, to write several books, produce training courses and workshops to benefit communities everywhere. His teachings appeal to people of all backgrounds and ages and have helped many to live a more meaningful and successful life. 

Below is a list of the topics Bishop G. Emerson Scott teaches on, as well as some of his publications available for purchase online. 

Trainings & Workshops offered by Bishop G. Emerson Scott

The DNA of Leadership

Based on

Numbers 11:16-30

The 21st Century Church

A workshop for 

engaging Millennials

and later generations

The Significance
of Spiritual Fathers

Receiving & Imparting Love, Knowledge,

Wisdom and Counsel

Little Girl

The Protocol for Detachment


Mastering the process and maximizing its spiritual benefits

The Power of Connection

A powerful training on making effective & lasting connections

The Law of Communication

An in-depth training on the governing rule of communication


A workshop on mentoring the next generation leader

Church Growth

A workshop on 


church culture

The Discipline of Execution

The Art of

Getting it Done

School of the Prohetic (WRKSHP Cover).jp
School of the Prophetic

Affirmation, activation, and impartation in prophetic ministry

When Shepherds

Increased faith for challenging times

Books and Publications by Bishop G. Emerson Scott

Impending Danger (Book Cover).jpg

Impending Danger

G. Emerson Scott

The assignment of the War Council is to counsel the Commander and Chief, establish Council, establish communication, create strategies and execute plans. We must make a major commitment to this Kingdom Assignment God has placed in our hands. An impending judgment is coming, and we are not aware of the strategies.

True Stewardship (Book Cover).jpg

True Stewardship

G. Emerson Scott

Everybody is a steward. But the real issue is whether or not we are obedient stewards or disobedient stewards. Stewardship is a way of life and contitutes "remembering." This book will cause the reader's eyes to become opened to the truth of true stewardship.

The Tithe and It's Anointing- Book By GE

The Tithe And Its Anointing

G. Emerson Scott

This book is authored for the purpose of transforming the minds and lives of God's people, that we might have the pattern of God for His revealed glory. Like Abraham to Israel, I want to be to this generation of believers one who follows the pattern of Tithe and Offering and allow all to see the Favor I've lived under. I started at the age of 12 and haven't stopped. And my life is proof.